Friends of ylni

With the recent development of the YLNI Foundation, the YLNI Board of Directors is hoping to retain their alumni and other community members through a new initiative called Friends of YLNI. The purpose of this program is for retention of alumni and other community members of our community who want to support YLNI, however, do not feel the fit the typical "Membership demographic".  Through this program, our YLNI Alumni and the  greater Fort Wayne community will be able to support the organization at a new level. With these supported funds, we hope to be able to fund various grants that support our YLNI Mission throughout Northeast Indiana. 

The levels for Friends of YLNI include:

Friends of YLNI: $50 - $150

Friends of YLNI Silver Level: $150 - $500

Friends of YLNI Gold Level: $500 - $1,500

Friends for Life: $1,500 +

P.O. Box 10774
Fort Wayne, IN  46853

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