YLNI is excited to announce the inaugural High School Leadership Institute program! Taking place over two weeks in June, 21 participants will learn about various topics from community leaders. They’ll also explore the city, taking exclusive tours of cool spaces!

The students participating in the program are:

  • Steve Alvarez – South Side High School
  • Janae Andrews – Snider High School
  • LaKayla Armour – Snider High School
  • DeMisha Billingsley – East Allen University
  • Carter Bonecutter – Leo Jr./Sr. High School
  • Luke Casterline – New Haven High School
  • Austin Caudill – New Haven High School
  • Berenice Cruz – South Side High School
  • Claryce Dager – Homestead High School
  • JurneĆ©-Len Davis – Snider High School
  • Emily Farler – Woodlan Jr./Sr. High School
  • Jesus Gonzalez – East Allen University
  • Rachel Kitzmiller – New Haven High School
  • Shelby Kruckeberg – East Allen Choice Alternative School
  • Jaydiin Moye – East Allen Choice Alternative School
  • Victoria Rader – North Side High School
  • Austin Richards – Homestead High School
  • Martavius Sherrill Jr. – Snider High School
  • Luke Spangler – Woodlan Jr./Sr. High School
  • Sierra Svozzi – Homestead High School
  • Zachary Trocchio – Snider High School

Session 1: Temperaments and Interaction Styles, presented by Jennie Gerken

Monday, June 11, at Arts United Center
What to Expect:

  • You’ll gain an understanding of your individual temperaments and how they affect others.
  • You’ll understand, respect, appreciate, and value the individual differences of people and how they can create more effective outcomes in a group dynamic.
  • You’ll learn how to enhance your individual effectiveness through improving your relationships with others.

Session 2: Interpersonal Communications, presented by Anthony Juliano

Tuesday, June 12, at Design Collaborative
What to Expect:

  • You’ll discuss how technology and your digital presence could affect your future professional opportunities and social environments.
  • Best practices for communication in both formal and professional settings will be discussed, including verbal, written, email, social media, and texting communications.
  • You’ll engage as a group and create dialogue about the challenges and possible solutions to today’s toughest communication questions.

Session 3: Networking and Membership, presented by Stephanie Taylor

Monday, June 18, at Indiana Michigan Power Center
What to Expect:

  • You’ll learn the importance and value of networking as a tool to meet people.
  • You’ll gain an understanding of the difference between a mentor and sponsor, and the value of having both in your professional life.
  • You’ll be presented with volunteer opportunities through local non-profit organizations!

Session 4: Financial Strength, presented by John Foxworthy and Ryan Dollens

Tuesday, June 19, at Cinema Center
What to Expect:

  • You’ll learn the what and the why behind the basics of personal finances.
  • The basic tools for long-term wealth and financial freedom will be discussed.

Session 5: YLNI Panel and Program Wrap Up

Wednesday, June 20, at Turnstone Center for Children and Adults with Disabilities
What to Expect:

  • A panel of young leaders will discuss how to become engaged in the community, and why it is so important to be engaged!
  • We’ll review the participants’ experiences with HSLI, including what you see for yourselves as future leaders of our community!

Thanks to all of our sponsors!


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