Why join Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana? Do you have a passion for your community? Are you interested in assisting your community through growth, development, and/or leadership? Perhaps you are new to the area and want to meet likeminded professionals. YLNI is the organization just for that. Within YLNI, there are many outlets that appeal to almost any and every interest. If you interest in the Arts, YLNI Is heavily involved in the art scene through different social engagement, fundraising efforts, and outreach. Maybe your interests are more into the behind these scenes in marketing or journalism. We have an established relationship with Living Fort Wayne where you can write/blog/voice your opinions and engage with our community. YLNI is even most proud of our community impact or development, we have something for you too! Politics, check! Check out the YLNI Rally the Vote!

As you can see, YLNI is not specialized to one platform. Our goal is to attract and retain talent to our market.  So please join our team, and see how you can help to make a difference too!

Check out our additional benefits:

  • Exclusive or Discounted Events: View from the Top, Leadership Institute, New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball, TinCaps & Komets suite tickets are just a few
  • Membership Benefit Card: Yearly and ever-changing monthly discounts and opportunities
  • YNI Mentor Program: Working with local colleges to pair Senior Students with like-minded professionals
  • YLNI Member’s only Events: Exclusive Member ONLY events to give back for being a part of YLNI

The Membership folks are a smiley, energetic bunch. So if you are a networker at heart and enjoy meeting new people, this is a great group to be a part of. E-mail to take the first step.

P.O. Box 10774
Fort Wayne, IN  46853

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