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24 Apr 2016 11:12 PM | Kara Hackett

YLNI Communications Note: This is a new blog feature on and in our newsletter, called HereSay. One of the great things about having a YLNI membership is it comes with the ability to have a voice in the issues that matter, not only to young professionals, but to our community in general. This blog, written by YLNI member Kara Hackett, will hopefully facilitate conversation and motivate our members and readers to be even more involved in the community. Please enjoy, and if you have feedback please feel free to send it to the HereSay address at the end of this post or to

When I moved back to Northeast Indiana after college, I wanted to get involved in the local community, but I didn’t know where to start.

I heard about Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana (YLNI) through friends, and I knew they hosted events around town. So I thought I might attend something to see what it was about or at least meet some new people.

But time always seemed to get away from me. There were always more pressing things to do, and the vague intention of community involvement sort of slipped by the wayside.

That’s the way it usually works when you aren’t in the inner circle.

You get the news in headlines, and it doesn’t always mean much to you.

Skylines are rising. Decisions are being made. Riverfront development ebbs and flows.

It’s all exciting enough to make you lean in. But you don’t feel like you have a say in it.

This blog is designed to change that.

It’s about breaking down the barriers between inner circles and our community—YLNI and people who might be interested in knowing more about what’s happening here so they can support or change it.

There are a lot of interesting stories and ideas in our region—things we should discuss or at least recognize. And as a new member of YLNI, I’ve learned that this group can give us the direct access to make a difference.

In meetings and surveys, we can share our opinions about everything from political issues to what types of entertainment we want to see in downtown development, and we can have a real say in regional discussions.

So HereSay is a blog about our say on what’s happening here.

It’s not necessarily news. It’s more like why the news matters to us, and it’s written from my perspective as one voice in a group of many.

I’ll be writing to you bi-weekly about anything of interest to Northeast Indiana’s 20s and 30s crowd on, and my articles will also appear in YLNI’s newsletter. If you have ideas about topics I should cover, you can send those to me at

As far as opinions go, mine don’t speak for the entire group. And they might not represent what you think either. But that’s OK.

It’s not about telling you to agree with me. It’s more about opening the door to new conversations and discovering our own thoughts in the process.

Because if we all had stronger feelings about what’s happening here, we might be more inclined to get involved.
HereSay, in partnership with YLNI, is a bi-weekly blog about our say on what’s happening here. It is written by YLNI member Kara Hackett, and the opinions are her own. Photo by Matt

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