How to Nail Your Next Interview

10 Nov 2016 12:12 PM | Anonymous

The Fort Wayne job market is growing, and if you are looking to make a career change the first thing you need to do is brush up on your interview skills. Here are some tips and tricks I have learned along the way.

Ask questions- At the end of an interview, you will usually be asked if you have questions. Even though you may feel like bolting knowing that your interview is almost over, don’t ever pass up the opportunity to ask questions. Before going into the interview, prepare a few quality inquiries. Good questions show the employer that you care. My favorite questions are: Can you tell me what a normal day would look like for someone in this position? What is the work culture like here?

Send a hand-written thank-you note (even if you had a horrible interview)- It may sound unnecessary or old fashioned, but this small gesture sets you apart from other candidates. Courtesy is sadly becoming a lost art, but when an employer gets your thank-you card it shows you respect them and their time. After I was hired at my current job, my boss had my thank-you note on her desk. She said it was a nice touch that really made me stand out.   

Make sure your resume is up-to-date- I work in a very small office so sometimes I overhear my boss interviewing people. One time she was interviewing a girl whose resume was not up-to-date. It was so embarrassing to hear this girl apologize over and over about outdated info on her resume. It looks unprofessional and tells employers that you are lazy.

Do your research- Before going into your interview, spend some time exploring the company’s website or LinkedIn page. Try to learn as much about the company as you can. It’s like Facebook creeping on someone before a first date.  The employer will appreciate that you took time to do your homework.  

Be on time- Whatever you do don’t be late for your interview. Being prompt before you have the job shows employers that you will be reliable once you have the job. If you are someone who normally runs a few minutes late, make sure to keep your eye on the time.

Let them know you’re human- It’s important to be professional in an interview, but you don’t have to be a robot. Try to let the employers see a little bit of your personality, and throw in little bits on trivia about yourself. You might find that you and the person interviewing you have something in common that you can bond over. Being yourself also lets the employer see how you will fit into the company culture.

This blog post is written by Lauren Brune. Lauren is a Fort Wayne transplant from Tipp City, Ohio. She moved here in 2015 after graduating from Ohio Northern University where she studied communications and public relations. She works at LEARN Resource Center in New Haven as the Communications and Special Events Coordinator.

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