Statement to the Region on Anti-Racism Efforts


YLNI has been committed to diversity and inclusion through its programming and advocacy, including leading the development of a community inclusivity pledge signed in 2018. Our organization recognizes systemic racism exists and plans to support public policy addressing these issues within our community. 

All lives don’t matter until black lives matter. Our mission supports quality of life for all people. 

We will work hard and do our part to make this a community where people from diverse backgrounds are not only invited to show up but are encouraged to participate in our community’s future growth.

Talking about race can be an uncomfortable conversation and our organization is willing to step outside of our comfort zone to start a dialogue with our community at-large to help in our efforts of identifying and supporting real, tangible public policies to positively affect change in our community. 

As our president, Savannah Robinson said recently, “This year has been the wake-up call we needed. Standing up and speaking up against racial discrimination is not about politics; it’s about humanity. Knowing you aren’t racist isn’t enough. We have to actively stand against racism. We must take action. Whether you are in a position to make big moves or small moves, know that any move in the direction to break down these barriers and get us to a position of true equality is a necessary one, even when it's scary. We have to band together, declare change, and remain aligned human to human.”

We will be inviting diverse and emerging leaders from northeast Indiana to share their voices with us on what these policies should be and what action should be taken going forward. We want these actions to be genuine and intentional. We believe this is a crucial part of developing the next generation of talent within our region.

- Statement adopted by the YLNI Board of Directors (June 9, 2020)