Proximo – the Future of Downtown Dining is “Next”


Drinks: Proximo has an extensive wine, beer, and spirits list. Pictured here is the Barrel Aged Mai Tai that was quite refreshing. Not pictured was a delicious Malbec I picked solely for the name, “Llama”.

Downtown Fort Wayne has been growing exponentially and the restaurant scene is no exception. When The Golden closed its doors last November, rumors started flying as to who would come into the new space. I was incredibly excited to hear it would be none other than restaurant entrepreneurs James Khan, Pete Shuey, Lysa Pelkington and their amazing culinary team. You may know them from Baker Street, Hoppy Gnome, and Gnometown Brewing.

Proximo means ‘next’ in Spanish and this is the next endeavor in the team’s growing restaurant empire. The restaurant is Latin inspired and will be open at 6 AM seven days a week, which will step up Fort Wayne’s brunch game.

Having been an avid fan of its predecessors, I was thrilled to be invited to Proximo’s soft open this past weekend. The dinner menu was extensive and filled with so many items that I wanted to try that I was very glad I brought reinforcements that were willing to share. From five different ceviches, a variety of salad options, tantalizing appetizers, and entrees like street corn filet, my advice is to come hungry!


Appetizers: Tuna Tiradito (UL), Sope (UR), Crab Chilaquiles (LL), Patatas Bravas (LR). The Sole wasn't the most photogenic, but by far it was the most delicious!

I quizzed the group I brought and hands down our favorite appetizer that we tried was the Sope. Made with shrimp, Spanish chorizo, I’m pretty certain there may have been a fight over the last piece. The Tuna Tiradito was a close second. The combination of firm sliced tuna, fresh avocado, sweet pineapple and spicy jalapenos was truly a delight on the palate. I may have lightly stabbed someone in an attempt to steal all the jalapenos.


Entrees: Salmon Succotash (UL), Ribeye A La Parrilla (UR), Pork Al Pastor (LL), Street Corn Filet (LR)

I asked Khan what he recommended for our entrée choice and he said the Seafood Paella had been a huge hit so far. Initially he was not planning on having a paella option on the menu, but his wife Erika insisted that the menu wasn’t complete without it. Unfortunately, the paella was so popular that night that they sold out before I could sink my teeth into it. We did, however try the Salmon Succotash, Street Corn Filet, Pork al Pastor, and Ribeye a la Parrilla entrees all of which were flavorful and unique. The Patatas Bravas were divine and I could most certainly live on a diet solely comprised of it.


Desserts: I was so full I forgot to take a picture of the menu with names, but the flan, chocolate cake, and raspberry tart were all delicious and decadent!

You may think at this point that we couldn’t possibly have room for dessert, but if there is anything my dad has taught me, dinner is not complete without dessert! I was so full that I didn’t take a picture of the dessert menu, but I have included pictures of the actual desserts for your viewing/drooling pleasure. There was a hotly contested debate between which was better with yours truly voting for the moist chocolate cake and those of a lesser palate touting the flan (which I admit was good, but I stand by my chocolaty decision!). Also delicious was the raspberry tart, but chocolate trumps all in my book!

Proximo’s official opening date was June 11th, and it is located downtown at 898 S Harrison Street right next to DeBrands in the Ash Skyline Plaza. The restaurant has a full bar and offers both private dining and catering. You can check out their hours of operation here.