Sky Zone will make ya jump, jump


There’s a new addition to the indoor recreation scene in Fort Wayne; Sky Zone is a playground for wannabe kangaroos and Tiggers, offering wall-to-wall trampolines. There are open jump areas, basketball hoops to fly like Mike, and even a couple of dodgeball courts.

The cost is fairly reasonable for a weekend afternoon excursion. We’ve taken our 1 ½ year old a couple of times and a half hour was too short, but an hour was a little long. For kids over 3, though, an hour would be the minimum I’d recommend. An additional minor cost  is for sky socks, which are required footwear. Those can be kept and reused every visit until they wear out.

Something to note is there is a full charge for anyone who wants to step foot on the jumping surface, whether you plan on jumping or not. They have workers helping keep little kids corralled, but they (kids and workers) are easily distracted and have a lot of area to cover. So, if you have a toddler that tends to run off and has a hard time with strangers you'll want to pay to stay with him or her. The customer service at Sky Zone is exceptional – they have high school/college aged kids running the show and most of them are enthusiastic and friendly. The place is clean, offers concessions, and overall is a fun way to spend a couple of hours and burn some energy on a cold or rainy day!