We are YLNI - Kristin Conley


Meet Kristin Conley. Kristin is an active YLNI member who serves as co-chair of YLNI's Leadership Institute. Recently I had the opportunity to connect with Kristin before I began my experience with the 2020 YLNI Leadership Institute

Charl Franks - Please tell us about yourself.

Kristin Conley - I currently live in the ’08 with my husband of two months and our two dogs and two cats. I’ve worked in higher education since graduating from IPFW in 2009 with a degree in media and public communication. I then received my MS in Leadership from Trine University. I’ve been the Director of Ph.D. Admissions at Indiana Tech for two years now. In my free time, I enjoy camping, traveling, live music, and food. 

CF - How long have you lived in northeast Indiana? 

KC - I grew up in Kosciusko County and attended college here in Fort Wayne. I moved to Indianapolis for two years before I decided it was time to come back to the area and don’t foresee myself going elsewhere.

CF - What do you like about living in Fort Wayne?

KC - I love the big city with a small town feel. My husband and I love to find new places to eat (we really love food), ride our bikes around town, attend baseball and hockey games, and just explore the city. There’s something for everyone and our friends are blown away when they come to visit. 

CF - How do you manage your time with numerous family, school, and career obligations on your plate?

KC - This can be difficult because I travel a lot for work. I’ve learned to be extremely organized, otherwise, I’d completely lose my head. Thankfully, I have a great support system at home and at work. 

CF - How long have you been a part of YLNI?

KC - I joined YLNI as a member when I moved back to the area in October 2017. I was then accepted into the 2018 Leadership Institute class and have been co-chairing it since I graduated. 

CF - What does success look like for you?

KC - Happiness. If you aren’t happy and don’t enjoy what you’re doing, then to me, you aren’t successful. You may be well off, but to me, that’s not what defines success. I want to be happy and make a difference. 

CF - What has your experience been like being a part of YLNI for new people looking to join the Institute?

KC - It think it’s one of the best decisions I ever made. I have met so many amazing people and learned so much about myself. When I moved back to the area, I was essentially starting over. Joining YLNI introduced me to people that I now see on a regular basis, play volleyball with, meet for lunch or a drink. I recommend it to anyone that’s been considering joining. 

CF - What are some things you’d like to see Fort Wayne area improve on? 

KC - It’s amazing how far Fort Wayne has come in the past decade. I’m really excited to see what’s to come. Roads/infrastructure is always my biggest “complaint.”  As far as quality of life, though, Fort Wayne has so much to offer. So many improvements have already been made or are in the works. 

CF - What are the most important values and ethics you demonstrate as a leader? 

KC - I’m a hardcore collaborator. I love being a part of a team. My door is always open—I want people to come in so that we can brainstorm ideas together. I also think it’s important to discover what makes each person tick—what are they good at, what do they enjoy and take pride in?...then find a way to hone in on those skills. People are more than a job description, and I make sure that they know it.