YLNI Chair Spotlight - Rachel Batdorff


We are spotlighting another YLNI committee leader. Meet Rachel Batdorff, co-chair of the YLNI Hot Spot committee. If you've been to one of our Hot Spots, you may have had a chance to meet Rachel at these events. Look for her at our next virtual or in-person Hot Spot in the coming year (learn more)!

Question: What is your background?

Answer: I grew up in a time of 90’s Lisa Frank notebooks, authoring and illustrating adventures of two Siberian tigers with wings (weird, I know). I have since become more practical. Now I work on customer education initiatives shaping the way we (Franklin Electric), as a manufacturer, connect with our installing and servicing water systems customers—especially in the digital space.


Question: Please describe your committee’s programing.

Answer: I believe that we weren’t meant to do life alone. I also believe stretching yourself outside your daily circle is important. Meet new people, learn about different development & volunteer opportunities, chat with those who have different perspectives and backgrounds…ultimately I think this makes us, Fort Wayne, a stronger community.

Question: What is your favorite part of managing your program?

Answer: The simplicity. It’s a tried and true format. We’re not asking for an extensive time commitment or money. Show up, grab a drink, stay as long or as short as you’d like, and get to know other young leaders in the northeast Indiana area.

Question: Where and when do your best ideas come to you?

Answer: Usually when I’m hyped on caffeine listening to dubstep.

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