Farmers Market Vendors

Batter Up


About Us:
My name is Shannon Duff. I am a happy wife and proud mother of two (you might recognize my daughter as the guac lady from the Young Urban Homesteaders booth). I have always felt like good food can brighten a person's day, change someone's mood and bring people together. I also believe that there's always room for dessert! A self-taught baker, I started making specialty birthday cakes for family and friends, and gradually transitioned into custom wedding and special occasion cakes for others. Not one to pass up a great recipe, I found myself trying new things, tweaking ingredients, and perfecting recipes. Today, in addition to my custom cakes, I offer a variety of traditional and decorated cookies, delicious cupcakes, mini "personal" pies, and more. Any day baking is a good day, and I'm glad to say that God has blessed me with many good days.

Best Sellers?
I am looking forward to seeing what the public considers my best sellers, but I have a feeling they will love my Caramel Pecan Roll, my Cherry Cheesecake Cupcakes, and my Double Chocolate chip Cookies.

What are you most excited for this year at the 2020 YLNI Farmer's Market?
Just stepping up and putting my products out there for the public to try is very exciting for me this year. I have contemplated joining the YLNI Farmer's Market for many years, and finally felt comfortable with my vision this year to give it a try. I hope that my desserts are loved by the public as much as I love them, and that I will see lots of happy, smiling people.