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Fox and Fodder


About Us:
Fox and Fodder began as a dream of regenerative agriculture. A vision of producing food not in constant battle with nature, but in harmonious partnership. That dream was able to slowly grow into reality when we had the chance to move onto the family farm in the fall of 2017. Now we find ourselves with a huge garden, a growing food forest, and pastured chickens. We're proud to offer our abundance to the local community, and to contribute to the growing local food movement. However, our talents aren't limited to the agricultural realm. We also produce various arts, crafts, and herbal skincare products.

Best Sellers?
Raspberries, Honey, and Rose Face Serum

What are you most excited for this year at the 2020 YLNI Farmer's Market?
We're excited to support our local community and economy during these difficult times. The importance of a strong, local food system has become more apparent than ever. We're proud to make sure our family, friends, and neighbors continue to have access to healthy food.