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Ground Down


About Us:
Do you ever hear about climate change and wonder, how can I help? After all, you're just one person trying to juggle a ton of things on your plate already!
That's exactly how we felt. We felt overwhelmed, confused and really jaded about how to even start.
We founded Ground Down to inspire you with ways to creatively and playfully reduce your environmental impact.
We collect food scraps and turn them into compost. We also offer sustainable tips and tricks for you to incorporate into your daily routine!
We're all about being practical. When you start small, there's really nothing you aren't able to do! Join our team of sustainable warriors!

Best Sellers?
Monthly Food Scrap Collection - $12/month
Most people start out with our once a month pick-up! Conveniently picked up right from your doorstep.
Ground Down provides you your bucket, your success reports and tips along the way. You just sit back and enjoy your meal. We'll take the scraps from there!

What are you most excited for this year at the 2020 YLNI Farmer's Market?
The energy!! Maybe it's my Covid-19 brain but I really can't wait to feel the energy of the market!
I love seeing everyone's unique farmers market stylish outfits, the cool sayings on their reusable bags and most importantly the dogs!
We love people and are excited to see you stop by our booth with your latte, food scraps and sense of accomplished adventure!