In every capacity, YLNI looks to be the connection for our members between their professional and personal life and the community. We encourage our members to demonstrate leadership traits by serving through community impact or social opportunities. We also encourage our members to further develop these leadership skills through educational and mentorship opportunities to better serve their community & their careers.

We are continuously seeking to grow & refine our initiatives to ensure they go to the heart of our mission to make our region the kind of place where people want to live. These seven initiatives make sure that YLNI is growing and benefiting our members and the community.


Whether it’s via weekly e-mail updates, website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, press releases, flyers, or brochures, Communications is in charge of keeping our members informed of what’s going on. They also see to it that YLNI is keeping the community informed on how, where, and why we are acting as an agent of connection & influence.

We’re looking for talent of all sorts: designers, writers, editors, proofreaders, and anyone else with experience in marketing and communications. Experience in these areas, however, is not necessary–anyone is welcome to join. Contact us at or

Community Impact

The Community Impact initiative goes to the heart of our mission to make our region the kind of place where people want to live. The ideas from this group have turned into some of our most successful endeavors, such as the YLNI Farmers Market and YLNI the Vote. Passion and persistence are a must, but you’d be amazed how much you can influence & impact your community through your efforts.

To learn more about getting involved with Community Impact, email or

Fund Development

Great ideas aren’t possible without the financial support of our community. Really, we can’t say “thank you” enough to all the folks in the community who believe in our mission. The hard-working Fund Development team seeks out corporate partners, event sponsorships, grants and individual donations to help shine a light on the value of YLNI to our community and all the amazing things we are able to accomplish with their support.

Members of this group are a tremendous aid to YLNI and do way more than just ask for donations. All kinds of talent are represented: grant writers, organizers, accountants, dealmakers, even thank-you note writers. Email if you’d like to help out.


Our Membership initiative attracts new members and helps them explore all the opportunities within YLNI. This group is present at YLNI functions to welcome current and potential members and initiate connections between the two. They also update and maintain member information and annually gauge their satisfaction. Their goal is to find ways to better engage members and provide more benefits and perks.

The Membership folks are a smiley, energetic bunch. So if you are a networker at heart and enjoy meeting new people, this is a great group to be a part of. Email to take the first step.

Leadership Development

This initiative takes the lead in creating programs for the personal and professional development of our members. Programs are designed so our members can be as effective as possible in all areas of leadership, whether it’s in the community, the workplace, or in their personal lives. The flagship programs of this initiative are the Leadership Institute (a huge success that keeps getting bigger each year) and View from the Top.

Our Leadership Development volunteers are brainstormers; they love ideas, learning, and teaching. They spend a lot of time working with established leaders in our community to ensure that we effectively utilize and pass on their experience. E-mail to find out how you can help.


We think if you’re going to love where you work and live, you have to get connected. Whether it’s finding your favorite new hangout or new people to hang out with, our Social initiative is about connecting people to our community, and to each other. They organize our regular networking Hot Spots and they plan social events throughout the year. E-mail

Living Fort Wayne

Living Fort Wayne is your go-to-place for information on all things that keep our vibrant city buzzing. We strive to offer so much more than what a place is called and where it's located. We want you to know about the atmosphere, the history, and the people that run our local businesses and events.  Whether you already live in the city, are planning to make the move soon, or just love to visit, bring along for the ride as we share the experiences we've had around town and keep you posted on the latest major updates in terms of Fort Wayne's people, places, and happenings. 

Our vision really encompasses the heart of what we are trying to accomplish:

Living Fort Wayne is the leading destination for everything great about living, playing, and working in our community.  By providing a forum to showcase all of the positive things happening in our city, we engage the citizens of our community and encourage an optimistic outlook for Fort Wayne, creating a sense of pride and attachment to the city we call home. 

We are the digital gateway to your vibrant life in Fort Wayne. Email