YLNI General Membership Event

    ...aka our GME! We love acronyms around here, can you tell?

The General Membership Event is designed to connect current and prospective YLNI members to our Board of Directors and community leaders. The event acts as a celebration of the growth within our community, and the accomplishments of our organization throughout the year.

The June 2018 event took place at Three Rivers Distilling Company. With nearly 100 emerging leaders in attendance, the Board of Directors debuted a promotional video, showcasing the reasons YLNI members stay engaged with the organization.

Three YLNI members were recognized for their efforts: Stephanie Veit was given the Dedicated Service Award for her past board service and continued dedication to the organization; Pone Vongphachanh was given the Exemplary Service Award for her outstanding service and performance through her six years as a board member; and Tim Zink was given the Most Volunteer Time Award for giving the most time to the organization.

2019 General Membership Event

We're excited to announce that we are partnering with the Botanical Conservatory for our 2019 GME. Check out all the event details here for more information.


About the YLNI Membership Committee

The Membership Committee works to increase member participation and engagement in our organization. From planning the annual General Membership Event, to surveying members on programming decisions, the committee ensures that all members get the most out of their investment in YLNI. We believe an investment in YLNI is an investment in our community and the many programs we coordinate.