Board of Directors

Rachel Batdorff

Vice President

Raised on a Wells County, Indiana family farm homestead, Rachel knows what it’s like to run across cattle grates in the morning to the school bus. Now residing in a home with no cattle grates and a MUCH shorter driveway, Rachel is thrilled to wear stilettos with no risk of twisting her ankle during her daily morning commutes.
Rachel is the Global Program Manager, Customer Education & Training Solutions, for Franklin Electric. A company focused on the manufacturing and distribution of products and systems focused on the movement and management of fuel, Rachel’s responsibilities concentrate on customer education initiatives that shape the way Franklin Electric, as a manufacturer, connects with their installing and servicing customers (emphasis on digital). Water is a basic human need, along with the products, systems, and sourcing to manufacture, install, and distribute this need. Rachel’s time at Franklin Electric has further reinforced the concept of an interconnected world—an idea that is also reflected in her involvement with YLNI.
Rachel believes we weren’t meant to do life alone. Stretch yourself outside your daily circles. Meet new people and learn about different development and volunteer opportunities. Chat with those who have different perspectives and backgrounds. Rachel believes this, ultimately, makes both global and regional communities stronger.
And YLNI is an organization that does just that.
A member since August 2017, Rachel has served as the Hot Spot Chair, Fort Wayne Dragon Boat Races YLNI team paddler, Nominating Committee Member, and, most recently, a 2021 Leadership Institute graduate.
Rachel has a B.A. and M.A. in Public Relations from Huntington University and Ball State University respectively. In her free team she enjoys attending Greater Fort Wayne YMCA group exercise classes, attempting to play Ultimate Frisbee and soccer, the occasional hobby dance class, working on her 1935 Sears & Roebuck home, and attending City Church.
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