YLNI continues to support Electric Works


“We believe Electric Works can have a major impact in enhancing our community as a point of destination for jobs, attracting new residents, and providing unique quality of life opportunities.”

This statement perfectly sums up our stance on Electric Works. It was not written by anyone within YLNI - it is an actual quote from Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry in an April 29, 2020 article from Fort Wayne's NBC. [1]

Our support for Electric Works has not wavered in light of our mission for attracting, developing and retaining emerging leaders through community professional and social engagement.

We understand the difficulties all parties have had in securing funding, finding tenants, and the holding up of community dollars for other projects, but we have all come too far to turn back now!  While the completion of Electric Works will be a magnet for future employers and residents flooding to Fort Wayne, right now, it is a pivotal moment to keep one of the region's key employers, Do it Best.

The loss of a homegrown company, which employees more than 400 people and has annual sales of $4 billion would be devastating.  Furthermore, this loss would send a message to outside businesses and perspective residents that our region is not business-friendly.

The state of Indiana and organizations such as Parkview Health, Fort Wayne Metals, Indiana University Research and Technology Corp., Medical Informatics Engineering, Fort Wayne Community Schools, and many others have put their reputations on the line to see the completion of redeveloping the former General Electric Campus.


The loss of Electric Works will undoubtedly halt the momentum we have seen in Fort Wayne and this region.  Inaction towards the movement forward of this project will wipe away the many years and tireless efforts of many to change the narrative about our community.


It is our future that stands to lose the most if Electric Works and Do it Best both go away.  Our plea is policy-makers, developers, and community leaders, come together and figure out a solution. Our economic future depends on it.


We support Electric Works.

[1] 1- “Mayor Henry behind Electric Works project extension,” Fort Wayne’s NBC https://fortwaynesnbc.com/2020/04/29/mayor-henry-behind-electric-works-project-extension/